Fine Art & Illustration


......My interest in drawing and painting began when I was five years old. I developed a passion for creating my own world through art, a world that continues to grow. I was often by myself drawing and painting things I loved. If I couldn't fly airplanes, I'd draw them. If I couldn't have horses, I'd draw them. Art became my favorite past time. When I graduated from high school, I decided to make art a career.
.......I studied Fine Art and Illustration at Paier College of Art and at Sacred Heart University. I had the rewarding opportunity to learn from some of the best artist/teachers I've ever known. The mediums I prefer to work with are watercolor & oil paints. I also work in acrylics, pen & ink, pastac, pastel, air brush and pencil.
..... I enjoy creating art in different styles. With realism, I prefer to use my own photos as reference. They become a map from which my realistic paintings are conceived. As I progress through a painting, I draw upon my memory and imagination as well as the reference, bringing out aspects that aren’t apparent in the original photo(s). Aspects such as atmosphere, deep colors, dramatic light and shadow, and added elements from other sources, are all parts of the evolution of my realistic work. All of these aspects are harnessed to bring about a living and breathing work of art, which as a finished piece, is much in contrast to the original, stark reference. I also enjoy working from my imagination. Some of my favorite works are concepts that came through my pencil from the creative cosmos. I can sometimes see the image in my mind before I put it on paper, but sometimes the image seems to draw itself. Another style that is very rewarding is painting spontaneously. I use a palette knife or brush to apply random colors on the canvas. Then I'll look at the abstract image and see what it says to me. From there, I'll bring out areas that are"calling out". The final painting becomes a completely unplanned work with a life of it's own.

......When I'm hired to do an illustration, I draw from my experience as a fine artist, using the appropriate style and techniques for each job. A large part of an illustration job is finding out exactly what each client envisions. Sometimes the customer has a good idea of what they are looking for. Other times they rely my imagination. An in depth meeting of minds between the artist and the client is necessary for the best outcome.
......I am currently a full member of The Connecticut Women Artists, Inc., a full member of the Guilford Art League, and an associate member of the Madison Art Society.
............Please take a look at my Resumes and visit my Gallery to see some examples of my Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Art, Production Art and Photography. Feel free to contact me regarding commisions and projects.