As an artist I feel there should be no limits to artistic expression and that no artist should be confined to just one style. Inspiration comes to me from all directions and I aim for what moves me in the moment. My Original Paintings, Drawings, and Digital Art are shown in the Original Art section.

As a Commercial Artist, I illustrate client's ideas with their vision in mind. In my Business Art portfolio, examples are shown of my Graphic Art and Illustrations.

Photography is another creative outlet for me. I enjoy photographing just about any subject that catches my eye. I prefer to work from my own photos when I paint realistically. Some of my photos have been published.

I also specialize in garment color separations. I have created thousands of screen print "seps". I am adept at photo realistic spot color separations, ranging from simple duotones to 15 color spot separations, and everything in between. Samples can be seen in my Business Art portfolio.